I'm a video artist currently exploring extreme “prepper” strategies. Survivalism has resurfaced as a contemporary concern in reaction to growing speculation about technological and environmental threats to humanity. The information age has enabled new levels of alarm as fear can be spread faster and wider: fear of AI or tech-destroying solar flares, civil unrest or terrorism, global pandemics or climate change…it may even be a lethal combination of crises which will cause the end of the world as we know it.

So…What will you do #WTSHTF? (When the shit hits the fan)

Whatever your strategy, your needs may be met by specialist goods and services offering myriad solutions from gadgets to bunkers. The com-modification of the apocalypse in the face of very real potential risks begs the question who gets to survive. And beyond baseline survival, who gets to thrive? Seven star survival seems to be the last call in a series of escape tactics.

Bunkertown, a video installation, draws on contemporary advertising for high-end fortified shelters. This emerging business promises a luxury, systemised solution to civilization- or species-ending threats by redelivering missile silos and government bunkers to the private market. I fused my footage with found footage to create a fictional amplification of an existing phenomenon and created a pop-up trade show offering luxury bunkers. Two monolithic boxes project showreels whilst also posing as portals to an underground system.

Through the video simulation you are offered facilities to survive long periods of time off-grid with self-sufficiency equipment including hydroponic gardens and renewable power. For extra security there is a sniper post for which you would need a self-sacrificing hero. And to ensure your lifestyle comes with you a swimming pool, golf course, shooting range and cinema will be provided. While your livestream in HD from outside provides a substitute for windows, the view may not always be a pleasant one, so you may wish to switch channel.




Recent exhibitions include

HTmlles 12, Montreal 2016; Deptford X, London, 2017; Conspiracy of the Real: Artistic Perspectives in a Post-Truth Climate, Tenderpixel, London, 2018